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Launched in 2004, The Paragraph Four Report® researches, compiles, and analyzes the universe of Paragraph IV Patent cases filed in the U.S. (that is, patent infringement cases brought under the Hatch-Waxman Act.) The research constantly tracks, monitors, and updates all PIV cases and presents these data in easy-to-navigate databases. The research also includes Inter Partes Review proceedings and biosimilar BPCIA patent cases.

The Paragraph Four Report has become the standard for reliable PIV research which is the reason why so many pharmaceutical companies, supply chain, investors, law firms, and academia across four continents subscribe to ParagraphFour.com. While subscribers have access to all of the data, reports, and research, you can visit The PIV Blog which covers a range of Paragraph IV topics and information.

In addition to research on the Paragraph IV Market kept at ParagraphFour.com, we also research citizens petitions filed at the US Food and Drug Administration. We cover all of the pharmaceutical-based petitions filed since 2004. These data are kept at FDAPetitions.com. 

Please browse the site. Click on the PIV Data button to get an idea of the depth and coverage of our research as well as the topic feeds on the right side of the page. For information regarding a subscription, click the Get Access button.