The Paragraph Four Report® provides data on all things Paragraph IV: cases, companies, reports, and education.  Win or lose, Paragraph IV challenges can have significant impact on revenues, earnings, and profits.  Different segments of the investment community subscribe to including investment banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, and institutional investors.  Even though we don’t provide investment advice, investors subscribe for several reasons:

Saving Time We cover all of the cases, not just a select few, and all of the information, with just one click or two, is there for review and analysis.  For example, an analyst can see exactly what products are at risk for a brand company or what upside potential is available for a generic company.  The data is also broken down by product, so an investor can see which companies have challenged a product, where in the litigation process the case is, what patents are disputed, and any important decisions the judge has made. It avoids time-consuming and costly research.

Revenue Modeling Timing is everything, and enables analysts to better predict when cases will end, regardless of jurisdiction.  With actual data to work into models (instead of just guessing), analysts can factor in timings to better predict quarterly earnings. Through the statistical analysis also available on the site, investors can also factor in win/loss percentages to quantify positions for brand or generic companies.

Small and Mid-Cap Analysis While negative case outcomes might have only a small impact on large brand companies such as Pfizer or GlaxoSmithkline, there are many small and mid-sized companies that have pending challenges, some of which represent a significant portion of their revenues. enables investors to track and follow these smaller companies more carefully.

Industry Analysis Launched in 2004, the research in represent 10,000's hours of analytical work.  Investors can take advantage of this information to understand where the Paragraph IV Market is headed, what are its trends, and how to factor this data into the overall sector analysis.

Education The rules, regulations and dynamics of the Paragraph IV market are complicated, to say the least. contains many sections that provide learning modules on topics such as Authorized Generics, the Grant of the 180-day Exclusivity, and De-Listing Patents in the Orange Book.  In only a few minutes, anyone can read these modules and have a working knowledge of these important topics.

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